About me and my work


I have been making art as long as I can remember. The art room in my high school in the UK, was a place of wonder, solace and hard work. A place where life changing discussions and affirmations took place. It was the best place to be a teenager.

An Art foundation course followed and then a BA in Art, Design and Film from the University of Northumbria. My early working career was based in retail staging, interior design and Interior styling, then I made a 180 degree turn and worked for the NHS (National health Service) supporting patients with an acquired head trauma and their families in their homes as they adjust to life back at home.

In 2010 my husband and three children and I moved to LA.  As the move was supposed to be temporary I took the opportunity to return to my first love, art, and I started a Pet Portrait business, which I still run - www.kathrynpittpetportraits.com . From there I have continued to explore and experiment with different subjects and mediums.


Female Nudes

My latest collection of paintings are of female nudes. The human form is a traditional subject matter reoccurring throughout art history from the beginning of humankind. This subject matter never bores me and I return to it time after time. 

Depicting a human body is complex; it is technically difficult;  the perspective, the form, the contours.  It is even more difficult to create the illusion that the person is physically alive; breathing.  You want the viewer to wonder what the person is thinking and feeling.  To create that sense of movement in the figure I usually use just one or two flat headed brushes for most of my paintings to sustain momentum, using short broad quick strokes, blurring boundaries.  Observing the skin tones deeply you realize the broad spectrum of color. I try and recreate those colors in my paintings by layering paint color over paint color. The layering of paint and undefined edges create an ambiguity, an incomplete picture. I try to make paintings that the viewer has to work hard to complete in their own imaginations.  I want them to create their own narrative for the piece. I draw the eye of the viewer into the paintings by paying particular attention to the background, making them very concentrated either by texture or depth of color or striking.  

Throughout Art History the female form has been celebrated, objectified, worshipped and distorted but has always been a fascination for artists.  In this era of #metoo and as a woman I am fascinated too.  I am influenced by many of the great artists in history but am inspired by women of today and their voices that are coming out loud and clear.  In my exploration of the female form I wish to show how powerful, empowering, yet vulnerable and beautiful women are in every way.