About me


I have been an artist as long as I can remember.  The art room at school in the UK was a place of wonder, solace, hard work and where life changing discussions and affirmations happened. It was the best place to be a teenager.

An Art Foundation course followed and a BA in Art, Design and Film at University.  My early working career was based in retail staging, Interior design and Interior styling before I changed direction and worked in Health. 

In 2010 my husband, three children and I moved to LA and as our stay was only supposed to be temporary I took the opportunity to take up my first love with vengeance - Art. I started a business doing Pet Portraits, which I still do( www.kathrynpittpetportraits.com ) and from there expanded to explore and experiment in different mediums, techniques and subjects. My kitchen is now my high school art room mark 2 and it is the best place to be a forty something!